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RTD Element With Transition Fitting and Stainless Steel Armored Lead Wire. A 2 inch long Stainless Steel tube is brazed into the end of the armor to allow use of a compression fitting to connect to a head or terminal box.

1. Standard leadwire insulation on RTD probes is as follows:

"L" Range - Teflon
" M" Range - Teflonz
"K" Range - Kapton

"F" Range - Fiberglass
"C" Range - PVC
2. Probes with ranges "L", "F", "C", and "K" should not be formed or bent in the field. If your application requires field bending an "M" range RTD probe should be specified.
3. Style R6TP has a PVC cover over the stainless steel armor.
4. Style R6TT has a teflon cover over the stainless steel armor

The leadwire may be extended more than 6" beyond the end of the armor.  To specify, insert two numbers into the part number separated by a "+"; e.g. (36+12) would mean 36" of armor and 48" of leadwire (12" beyond the armor)


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